Walk-In/Drive-In Temperature and/or Humidity Chambers

Standard Features
These custom designed chambers are used for testing large products, vehicles, or batch testing. They offer temperature and humidity simulation capabilities for climatic testing and temperature/humidity cycling whenever there is a need to simulate wide temperature and humidity extremes. They can be made almost any length, width or height.
  • Temperature range: -65C to +125C
  • Humidity range: 15% RH to 95% RH
  • Temperature Controller: Setpoint/Programmable PID Control

  • Welded series 304 stainless steel interiors and upper cabinets.
  • CRS metal base exterior with a textured painted finish.
  • Non-settling, high temperature, fiberglass insulation.
  • Air-cooled refrigeration system uses ozone friendly refrigerants HP62 (R404A) and Suva95 (R508B) .
  • Nichrome wire, fast response heating elements.
  • Microprocessor based, PID controllers with either steeping or programmable control.
  • High volume air circulators move the air through the chamber.
  • Liquid filled refrigerant gauges to quickly check the refrigerant operating pressures.
  • A status panel tells the user of operating status or alarm conditions.
  • High temperature solid-state humidity sensor on humidity chambers.
  • One adjustable, stainless steel wire shelf. Castors
Approval by special inspection of electrical system prior to shipping
  • Interior light and viewing window Chart Recorders
  • Ports and plugs
  • Deionizing water cartridges
  • Various communications interfaces
  • Controller software
  • Additional Shelves
  • Various Operating Voltages
  • Water Cooled Condensers
  • Low Humidity Control
  • Main Power Disconnect
  • LN2 Cooling