Burnsco is pleased to offer you planned maintenance and service programs to provide complete after sales service on our Burnsco chambers as well as chambers supplied from other manufacturers.


As with all mechanical equipment, chamber failures occur, and they will occur at a higher rate if no preventive maintenance is performed on that piece of equipment. It is usually preferred to identify and fix a problem at a scheduled time rather than wait until the problem is found at a critical time during production runs, R&D testing or critical storage applications. We can therefore set up a chamber maintenance program tailored to meet your company’s requirements to have your chambers examined once or twice a year. An inspection report is provided at the end of each maintenance.

This maintenance is a thorough check of all chamber components:

Please see check list maintenance.pdf

To set up your planned maintenance program, arrange a meeting with our customer service representative.


Many companies have implemented a "CFC FREE" policy in their workplace. Many older chambers,which are still functioning adequately, contain one or more of the following CFC refrigerants such as R12, R13, R502, or R503. Production of these refrigerants has ceased and they are no longer available. If a chamber has developed a leak it must be converted for use with an HFC refrigerant such as R23, R404A(HP62) or R508 (Suva 95). These refrigerants, although CFC free, have somewhat different operating pressures and temperatures. Also, they do not operate with the original mineral based refrigerant oil but require a change over to a polyolester based refrigerant oil. It is not a simple "swap" of refrigerants and oil. The valves must be setup for the new refrigerants and in some cases new components must be added.

Since we use only HFC refrigerants and POE oils in our new chambers we are completely familiar with their operating characteristics and understand when and why any components must be added, changed or simply adjusted. We also stock these new refrigerants and will only charge a customer for the exact amount of refrigerant that is weighed into their system. You are not obligated to buy a full cylinder of the new, very expensive refrigerant.


In some instances a customer owns a chamber which is old but is very reliable. Typically these chambers utilize cumbersome analog controls, which sometimes will not run specific temperature and or humidity cycling profiles. If it is not feasible to purchase a new chamber, we can install digital, microprocessor based, programmable controls.

For more information, arrange a meeting with our customer service representative.